As a parent it is your responsibility to not only ensure your child’s safety while at home but also while they are in the workplace. Getting a first job can be very exciting for a child but as a responsible adult you need to be aware of the risks and what questions you need to ask!

Minimum Ages

Each province has different regulations for age requirements of youth within the workplace. If certain workplaces are employing underage youth they may be breaking the law and your young worker might not be aware! Most places with minimum ages in place are those that pose a more immediate threat to your child’s safety. Check with your provincial regulations if your child is planning on working in the following places:

  •         Construction or logging
  •         Factories
  •         Restaurant kitchens
  •         Industrial establishments

Workplaces that often do not have a minimum age requirement include:

  •         Health care establishments
  •         Libraries, museums, art galleries
  •         Recreational businesses
  •         Camps, day cares, schools

Ensuring your Child is Safe

Here is a video from WorkSafe BC explaining how you as a parent can keep your young worker safe: 

What do you know about your child’s job? Ask yourself these questions and see if you know the answer…If you don’t you should before sending your child off on their first day.

  1.      Where does your child work? What kind of environment are they in?
  2.      Did they receive any orientation or training for their position?
  3.      Do they work with any power tools, chemicals, mobile equipment? Are they required to lift or carry heavy objects?
  4.      Is there a supervisor or manager around while your child is working?
  5.      Are they required to wear any sort of safety or personal protective equipment? Do they know how to wear it properly?
  6.      If working with harmful chemicals, did they receive WHMIS training?
  7.      Is your child aware of their rights as worker? Do they get proper breaks and pay?
  8.      Does your child know to report any safety concerns, issues or injuries to their supervisor?

Information from WorkSmart Ontario and WorkSafe BC.

Tips on Parenting a safe young worker